Maui Jobs

Most employment in Maui is related to the tourism industry.  These jobs are abundant, but getting one is often harder than you may think. This is the third post on this site since it is one of the questions I am most often asked. How do I find a job in Maui before I get there?

Maui is magical in so many ways, but your basic needs are a big deal just like any other place. The needs of the people are similar, the jobs are similar, and the strategies to get one are the same. Often jobs go to known insiders, and that is how the world works.

One key issue for anyone in getting hired is that if you are not here yet, then the employer is not really sure you are ever coming. The average time mainlanders stay on Maui is about 18 months, so employers are not enthusiastic about hiring newcomers. After you have been here for a couple years options begin to open up a whole lot more. My point is that it is easier to get a job once you are here, and don’t be discouraged if you get a lot of “no’s” at first. The more “committed to staying in Maui” you radiate, the better your chances.

As to employers there are some big well known names out there in the hotel, airline, and tourism industries. There also are career paths in shipping and international trade arenas. Don’t forget that here we too have Costco and WalMart, so there are also these routine jobs. But there are also great innovative jobs that may be your dream in paradise. Internet-based or telecommuting opportunities are possible if you are either an entrepreneur in spirit or already established in the industry.  Just plan to get your foot in the door at a starting place and then move up.

Here are three of your best options for a job search in Maui. First is to use the job search engine Indeed. They simply combine many job listings from other sources, so it is like a one stop shop. The form below is the easiest way to search.  Leave the job type blank to see all. You can register with them for free to set up a free account, and they will email you updates for your convenience.

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Second option is of course Craigslist-Maui Jobs , follow the link and toward the right is the column of job types. And the third option is the Maui News-Maui Jobs, just click on the link and you will see the jobs driven by the Monster job search engine broken out by location on the island. All of these are great options, especially to get an idea of who is hiring and at what pay rate.

The best thing you can do when you arrive is to politely, and  with a lot of Aloha, let everyone you come in contact with know that you are looking for work. It is a small island and word gets around quickly. Go to the personnel office at the resorts or the hospital or whatever is appropriate and present yourself. Like in the rest of the world have a resume’, have accurate contact information (Maui contact information) and be hospitable. You may be surprised how a job is suddenly coming available when the right candidate is standing in front of the personnel director.

Do be aware that the cost of living here is expensive and that many people find they need to work two jobs to afford it. For this reason you must at the very beginning plan your budget to balance what it costs with how much you can earn. What a shame to be in paradise and have to work all of the time. Plan carefully, my friend.